Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thrift Shop Thursday

This may become a regular column. I prefer to gather most of my costuming supplies at thrift shops. Not just because it is cheaper, but because it really flexes my creative muscles. There is something about a fabric store that (although I love them) brings out a little bit of anxiety in me. I have ADHD and sometimes there are just too many places to look. Shopping in thrift stores narrows my focus. It gives me parameters. Since I have decided to use only natural fabrics when possible, I have to really concentrate on what I can make with what I can find. I also see things differently. I don't see things for what they ARE, but for what they COULD be (something I also used to do with men. bad idea) Here are a few things from my latest haul.

This is what was hanging on the rack:

Huge baby blue 25% linen %75 Cotton tablecloth $4
This is what I see:
The link took me to Elegant Vintage but this item wasn't listed
Then I found a bag of several (not sure how many) yards of this unused fabric:
smells like smoke, but it can be washed. 100% cotton.
Thinking about this:
Right? So cute.

And then there was this hideous beaded tank:
polyester. Ugh.
But when I look at the sequins closer:
They are ridged and metalic, not plastic looking
And I think, "I will remove those cool sequins from that ugly tank and use them to make".......

This concludes your tour of the inside of my brain for this blogpost.


  1. I'm totally like you! I swear the clerks must wonder what a hell hole of clashing colors and style my house is decorated in when I haul my finds onto the counter. Meanwhile I've reworked them all into some fabulous costume idea....

    1. My favorite is when I pick up some super hideous dress or shirt because I want to pick all the seqins or jewels off it and someone says, "oh, that will look really nice on you" I always smile and say 'Thank you'