Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tutorial Tease-FotoFlexer

I am not a great fashion Artist. In fact, I'm not any kind of fashion Artist. More of a doodler I would say. I've been fooling around with a free photo editing site Fotoflexer. It doesn't need to be downloaded, it's absolutely free and has some great little tools. What I wanted to do is find a pattern photo that looks interesting.
This is a Vogue pattern. I didn't get the pattern number. My bad.
Find a few different fabric patterns. I searched by non-copyrighted designs.

And make something like this.
I used an effects button to make them look a bit more like fashion drawings.
I will put together a full tutorial for all y'alls as soon as I get a chance. The tutorial is far more difficult than the actual process. I find FotoFlexer very simple to navigate, so go have fun!

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