Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Weekend and Twenty-Five Cent Post-Edwardian Corset

Using the Pattern and tutorial from Festive Attyre, a pair of 100% cotton twill pants I got for a quarter at a yard sale, cable ties I already own, and a busk removed from another corset, I am going to attempt to make a Post-Edwardian Corset this weekend. Actually, I hope to do it more quickly, since I still need to finish the shirtwaist and walking skirt.
Here are the pants. No stretch at all and they are a large men's size.
This is Festive Attyre's finished corset. Mine will not be as pretty, nor will it have the garters because I'm in a hurry. I'm also going to use my sewing machine *gasp* even though I haven't used it in two years. I am being a smidge ambitious.
Festive Attyre's Corset
I already enlarged and printed out the pattern. I need to:
1. Deconstruct the Pants
2. Cut out the pattern from the pant fabric
3. Find my sewing machine
4. Realize I don't have any thread in the machine
5. Find some thread.
6. Look for bobbins
7. Fill bobbins
8. Swear
9. Find a costume drama to watch this. (okay, this will probably be number one)
10. Start sewing.
11. Realize, I have totally forgotten how to use a sewing machine.
12. Do it anyway and thank goodness this all going to be UNDER my costume
13. Have a drink. (okay, again this will probably be 1 or 2)
14. Try it on. (should have been number 1 or 2, but I am just going to trust the fates on this one)
15. Bask in my glory or throw the whole thing against the wall and wear my completely wrong for the period, but it'll do in a pinch, Victorian Corset.

Ready Ladies. Start your engines! And....

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