Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quick FotoFlexer fashion drawing tutorial

Here's the FotoFlexer Tutorial as promised. It's my first so be gentle. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know. Especially if I can be more clear in places.

Before you start, find a photo of the pattern you want to try out with different fabrics. The easiest ones to work with are the actual flat pattern drawing from the back of the pattern.
Very Easy Vogue Pattern 8945
You could also use the actual fashion drawing. It's a little harder, but can be done and looks great.FotoFlexer and open a free account. You can use the tools without logging in, but you won't be able to save your photos. The app seems to be payed for by advertising banners, but they aren't terribly intrusive.
Original drawing from the Vogue site
For the sake of this tutorial, I'm gong to go very simple.  You can get a little fancy with this, but this is a very quick way.

Next, find a photo of the fabric you are interested in using. You can create your own in Spoonflower or find a fabric you might by online, or even scan in a photo of a fabric you own. Those are whole different tutorials. If you use a photo of someone else's design and use the photo online, you should link back to them and give them credit.

I created a heart fabric in Spoonflower using a copyright free print.
Literal hearts
Now you're ready to use FotoFlexer.

Upload your pattern drawing.
Upload your fabric photo
 Click on the layers tab and 'push back' the fabric photo to the back.
This is the fun part. Make sure your pattern drawing is on top. When you 'fill' it in transparent mode, you are erasing the top layer so that the fabric in the bottom layer shows through.
Now you are ready to finish it off.
Done! Please let me know if there is any vital information I have left out. I'll do a tutorial on how to get a little fancier at another time. This is just the basics.
Won't be making this anytime soon

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