Sunday, April 6, 2014

1660's Autumn Queen Fairytale update

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I've been embroidering til the cow come home. Darn cow, always wandering off. I had originally wanted to make this for Historical Sew Fortnightly #14 Fairy Tale challenge. My inspiration was some beautiful fairy tale illustrations I found on Pinterest. Like this one:

Snow White Illustration by Jennie Harbour

I wanted to make it in the style of a 1660's gown. Something like this portrait.
Hortense Mancini Duchess of Mazarin (1646-1699) favourite niece of Cardinal Mazarin and a mistress of Charles II,
I found these curtains at the thrift store. They are cotton, and these dresses would normally be silk, but I really like the exaggerated pattern and the colors go well with my Autumn Queen idea
Original fabric
I wanted it to look more like an illustration, so I made it impossible to finish the challenge on time, by hand embroidering an outline on all the motifs.
For the outline, I just used DMC pearl thread in black and used a backstitch
It really makes the motifs pop.
I will also add some beading and gold cord
Here's all the pieces, not put together yet.
Here are all the outer pieces, not yet sewn together


  1. Good Lord! What an ambitious project! I bow to your greatness!

  2. I really just want to work on it all the time, but other things keep interupting me!

  3. Holy Hera! Wow, when you dodge a deadline you dodge it in style! Absolutely lovely!