Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Autumn Queen Crown Part One

For the Historical Fortnightly Challenge for Fairy Tale, I  wanted to make up my own Fairy Tale with an older woman as the protagonist. One of the things I was inspired by was the Dolce and Gabbana crown from their 2013 collection.
I like the Byzantine feel of this
Here's a closeup
This is a different one, but I wanted a closeup for reference
I wanted to make something similar. I found several tutorials on Pinterest for lace crowns and it had potential. I found some cotton lace at Beverly's and bought a half yard for about $3.00
Very happy find
First I wrapped a wig stand in plastic wrap so it wouldn't stick to it.
No idea why this is sideways. It wasn't when I uploaded it. Odd.

I whipstitched the crown together after fitting it to my head and then sprayed it with this stuff
It wasn't particularly stiff or quik. I needed about five coats and I dried it overnight.

Most of the photos I've seen online looked like Lace sprayed Gold. I want mine to look like gold shaped into lace. After I let the lace dry overnight, I mixed up some Rub n Buff with some Diamond Glaze and painted it on.
Rub n Buff contains real metal powder
I had no idea if this would work, but I've used it to seal paper beads and it works really well on those
After letting the painted on gold dry overnight, I have this.
It still looks like painted lace, but the rub n buff makes it a little less delicate which I like
Tonight, I'm going to go to town with beads and baubles and shiny things. Stand by!


  1. Nice, Tracey! I look forward to the next installment. : )

  2. That is so cool. We are having a royal theme program at work in June and we need a couple of crowns. I think I'll try making those....

    1. Go for it. This was a little messy. I would recommend using something other than the stiffenquik. It just seemed like watered down glue. I'm not sure what yet, but the search continues.