Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prohibition Pub Crawl

For my first blog post..Hi! I wanted to start out with something fun, that would introduce me to some local people who are in love with fashion and costume and historical sewing like I am. I've been binge devouring every blog I could find. Flashing between inspiration and intimidation at the amount of skill I'm seeing. My lovely and very game boyfriend( who is really joining in the spirit of play with me) and I are going to join the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild in their Prohibition Pub Crawl. Although, I feel about 25, I'm, um, not, so I didn't really want to go full on flapper. I decided on this as my inspiration.

Boue Soeurs Robe de style

Since we are going to be outside, in San Fransisco, it's bound to be a bit chilly. So I am using the Folkwear Pattern, Poiret Cocoon Coat Pattern.
I'm also not wealthy, so I try to not buy new fabric when I can help it. Unfortunately, that means I can't always use 100% historical fabric. But I try to hit as close as possible. Maybe for Costume College (eek) I will splurge, but while I'm just beginning, I'd rather experiment with curtains, sheets and other assorted items from the thrift store. Here are some of my scores for the coat.

I was gifted a lovely, but very small embroidered indian shirt. I believe it is silk, but there is no label.It's very small, so I'd like to use it for the collar. I may have to do some careful piecing.
This is a coverlet or tablecloth, not sure which. The label was cut out, so I don't know the exact makeup. My best guess is cotton and rayon. I'm going to use this for the main fabric of the coat.
Subtle striping for lining. Taken from a duvet cover. %70 Silk %30 Polyester. This will be the lining fabric of the coat.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished products!

  2. I'm checking out your blog. Good start! I already want to comment on yours first post. I live your statement about not being able always afford 100% historically accurate fabrics. I'm a triple threat with my fabric choices. I'm not wealthy so I often have to buy fakes instead of real (especially when I'm going for a silk look). I'm living in an area that is less than a fabric choice mecca and have to deal with picking from what is available. I could order on line but I did that with wool once and when it arrived it felt like a pot scrubber. I fear fabric disappointment! And my third weakness is I am self taught and I can make choices that I think are fairly accurate in terms of color, pattern and weight but could be horribly off the mark to the eye of an expert. This is why I do it for fun and education "lite" and not to compete or represent myself as and expert.