Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lark Rise to Candleford

I'm so happy when I find a show I like and I'm only on Season 1. My new show to sew to is Lark Rise to Candleford. Not to be confused with Cranford with Judi Dench (which I also love). Lark Rise takes place in the 1890's in Oxfordshire. It takes place in Larkrise, which is a country Hamlet and Candleford, which is a small town expanding with the times.
The narrator is Laura Timmens, a poor girl from the hamlet, who goes to stay with her mother's cousin Dorcus, the owner of the Candleford post office. This show does what BBC costume shows do best, pathos. Laughing through tears, crying or just plain laughing. It's nice from a costuming standpoint because there are different social strata represented, from the workhouse girl to the country squire. It also stars some old favorites. Brendan Coyle:
Hellloooooo Mr. Bates
Julia Sawalha:
Saffron Darling, Saffron Sweetheart
and Ben Miles:
Patrick from the British "Coupling" not to be confused with the horrible US show of the same name.
I can't tell you if anything horrible happens because Im  only on Season 1, but if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it streaming for free.


  1. I see your a member of the guild.. impressive. Glad you started a blog, this should be fun!

  2. I joined two guilds! I didn't have to pass a test or anything, but it's keeping me on my toes as far as doing things correctly. Thanks for seeding the pot by being my first blog folllower.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I will give this one a try.