Sunday, November 24, 2013

City of Vice

I love to sew by hand, and I love to have costume dramas or sewing shows playing on tv while I'm doing it. They vary in historical accuracy of course, but I watch them all. I discovered a new one the other day; City of Vice.
This man wrote Tom Jones, do not throw your panties at him
The setting is London during the reign of George II, and tells the story of Henry Fielding (of Tom Jones, book, not singer) and his brother, and of their quest to start London's first police force. The show is historically accurate as much as possible, using Old Bailey Sessions papers and memoirs of the period. It's very gritty. Sort of like Law and Order: SVU meets the History Channel.
come for the beautiful costumes, stay anyway
It's set mostly in the poor parts of the city, so not as many pretty pretty costumes as I like, but the show itself is very good. We do get to go into a brothel at one point and they had nice clothes, but the storyline is not for the faint of heart.
Sex swing of the18th century


  1. Just found your blog through The Dreamstress's site. Was really surprised that you just started writing it. I love your versatility and creativity! It's great to see how you have fun and make things workwithout blowing the bank and also that you're not afraid to try experimenting in costuming.

  2. Thank Kaela. It's good to know someone is paying attention! I wasn't sure if I was just writing for my own amusement or not. I appreciate you checking in. I'm following your blog too.