Monday, November 25, 2013

Dicken's Corset or OW! my thumbs are killing me

Spring Green Linen for the fashion fabric
I have been sewing my poor fingers to the bone all day on my corset for Dickens. I do enjoy hand sewing, but sewing through 2 layers of cotil and a layer of linen, is really tough on my thumb.This is my first corset, but I'm using Jennifer Rosbrugh's Historical Sewing Victorian Corset Sewing Workbook and following it step by step. It really helps take the mystery out of it.
It's a lot greener than this in person
I'm getting better at the little stitches, but its hard not to get a little wonky. The linen weave helps though.
bad flash photo
I'm proud of how well the busk came out, it wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be.

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