Friday, February 14, 2014

Watch the Windows! or The Regency Short Stays

My mother was always very sensitive to my concerns about my ever expanding bosom. When I would turn around to show off a new blouse or shirt she would say "Watch the Windows!!" so this was my first thought when trying on these stays. Actually I can't even show you what they look like when I have myself all hoisted up in the correct manner. I'll just let this lady show you.
You're right. It's so distracting that this is a picture of the wrong time period.
I completed these for Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #3: Pink so I had to photograph them.I kind of re-arranged things to be a little more safe for work. Here's me.
Is that the prow of a ship?
If you aren't too distracted to look at the actual stays, they look pretty good if I do say sew. (see what I did there?) They are all hand sewn. I used some leftover silk from a dress I found at the thrift store. I also had some Coutil left over from my victorian corset. The boning are 1/4 inch cable ties and the eyelets are all hand sewn. Badly. I will redo them when I have a chance.
I look downright tasteful in this one
The pattern for both the stays and the chemise are from Sense and Sensibility Underthings Pattern If one must be altogether truthful, ladies of my extreme age and bodaciousness weren't really wearing this style of stays. If I was wearing this style at all, I'd be wearing longer stays that are a little more like a traditional corset. I am, in truth, mutton dressed as lamb in this get up.But you know what? Pffffthhhh.

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