Friday, February 7, 2014

I won! Costume College Scholarship.

I just found out yesterday that I am the lucky recipient of a Costume College Scholarship. There is a good chance that, if you are reading this blog. (helloooo, Bueller? Bueller?) then you already know what that is. Just in case you don't, Costume College is an amazing four days of classes and events all put on by costumers for costumers and a chance to stay immersed in that environment at a hotel the whole time. These are my people. For more information, check out their website
Beside classes, which haven't been released yet, there are several events. Although wearing large overwhelming costumes to the actual classes is not encouraged, the events are another story. There is a Pool Party, An Ice Cream Social, An Ascot Tea and the Time Travelers Gala. All I know for  sure, is that I'll be rocking some kind of 'My Fair Lady' type outfit for the tea. Maybe a Poiret inspired dress with an enormous hat.
Not this one, but something like it
I'm also pretty sure I'm going to go 18th Century, probably 1760's for the Gala. Since Ken is going to accompany me, I need to make something for me
Just a little something
and for Ken
Don't tell Ken, he'll never know unless he reads this blog. Mwaaahhaaaa
Okay, so probably not in those colors, but I'm awfully tempted.