Friday, January 31, 2014

Death Comes to Pemberly

I have a love/hate relationship with sequels written for classic books. If they are done well, I love them. I read P.D. James' book "Death comes to Pemberly" with a little trepidation, but she is an excellent mystery writer and obviously has a great deal of respect and love for Jane Austen, so I enjoyed it immensely. BBC did a beautiful production. The story itself is gripping and interesting and the characters are true to to Pride and Prejudice, and I loved the casting.

First Elizabeth Bennett. We know that she is "the second prettiest of the five Bennett sisters" I don't think she is meant to be a great beauty. Darcy starts to find her more beautiful the more he gets to know her and specifically mentions her "fine eyes" Anna Maxwell Martin is not a smack you in the face beauty, but she really is very lovely in the way she carries herself and the intelligence you can see in her eyes. I first noticed her in Bleak House and I remember wondering why everyone kept falling in love with her and then understanding it more and more as the show went on.
So pretty and simple
I love her costumes too. They are not gaudy even though she is now very wealthy. She wears simple clothes that are made from beautiful fabrics. Exactly what Elizabeth would do I suspect.

Darcy is portrayed by Mathew Rhys. Best know to American audiences as Kevin on Brothers and Sisters. He's not gorgeous, but neither is Colin Firth. It's the way they hold themselves that makes the difference. I love the dignified way he holds himself, but also the way his face can soften when he looks at Elizabeth or his son.

And his pants aren't TOO tight either
 Lydia Wickham is silly and impulsive and young. She is played by Jenna Coleman (Clara!) and runs around mostly in dishabille, since she's in distress for most of the show.But she also wears a fabulous military inspired redingote to match her dashing Captain Wickham.
The impossible Lydia

 I watched the whole thing on You Tube, but I'm not sure how long that will be possible.

More of the cast

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