Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Handy Handsewing Tools

I keep discovering items that simplify my sewing life so much. Since I've been fiddling about with epatterns lately, several of these have come in very handy.

The first ones are Pilot Frixion erasable pens. The draw like regular rollerball pens, but as soon as you iron them the ink disappears. You can can buy them at any stationary store in black, blue and red, but I ordered mine in a myriad of colors from Amazon.Frixion erasable pens on Amazon. Some people don't like them, because they erase with heat and they do leave a slight almost invisible line. If you put the garment in the freezer, the color comes back. Some crazy science going on here. I find the indispensable for marking lines for handsewing and corset channels. I'm not going to wear my corset in the freezer. Here is a review with pictures from Delightful Quilting.
Don't let the Japanese writing fool you. These are the same pens. They come in even more colors than this.

The next item is Bosal Create a Pattern. It seems to be the same stuff as what other bloggers are referring to as Swedish pattern paper. It is essentially an interfacing. It is very see thru, so you can trace your original patterns onto them. This is very helpful in the case of ePatterns, because they fold up very thin and you don't have to deal with cumbersome taped pieces of paper. The Create a Pattern stays put on the fabric much better than paper. I bought mine at my local fabric store http://www.hartsfabric.com Order from them online, they are awesome!!
You can sew through it and use it as your mock up instead of a whole separate muslin
The next thing is Hawaiian quilting needles. The package has teeny tiny little needles perfect for fine lawn and longer, but still fine needles for sewing through heavier fabrics. They have a gold eye which makes threading the needle easier for me. I hate wearing my glasses, so this is handy.
and the package is pretty

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