Friday, August 8, 2014

Like real college, only with more corsets

If I wait until I get my professional Costume College photo's, I will never end up posting anything. Much like actual college, my fondest memories are less about the academics and more about the people I met. First let me introduce my roomates. Tanya and Melissa. Thursday Night was a 70's meetup for friends from The Greater Bay Area Costume Guild. The official CoCo theme was Tiki Party, but we flew in the face of rules. Mwahaaaahaa. (There are no rules) Very different women with very different housekeeping habits. Okay, well SOME of us were very messy and liked the room really cold and SOME of us were very tidy and would have liked it a little warmer. In order to protect the innocent, I will not say which is which. (although, I'm pretty sure you guys know which one I am)
Tanya and Melissa, Photo by Laurie Tavan of Daze of Laur
And Lisa made four on Wednesday Night
I literally dressed from my daughters closet and grabbed an awesome suede jacket. I just happened to have a halter jumpsuit hanging around, so this costume was pretty easy.

Going for that blurry "I'm with the band" look
One of the things I noticed about Costume College, is how easy it was to talk to people. I can be a little introverted sometimes. Oh, I can ACT like an extrovert, especially with a little gin in me, but most of the time I get nervous around new people. This is one of the few places I've been to where it was easy to make friends. I'm not even kidding, pretty much everyone in this picture became friends with each other with something like, "You're pretty. I like your dress. Do you want to be my friend?"
Carol, Meredith, Lisa, Mary, Melissa, Victoria, Tanya, Geri and Me! Photo taken by a random dude using Geri Rex's camera
New friend Jennifer of So Steady as She Sews
So that was Thursday. I'll do separate posts of the other days.
I promise to post more detail and better photos as they roll in. There are some great pictures on Flickr. Here are some more of the pool party. Costume College Pool Party 2014.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your first CoCo. It was my 11th year. And it is all about being with like-minded people (yes, we're all crazy).