Friday, August 29, 2014

Frilly Things and Shiny Things

While waiting patiently-not patiently-for the professional photographer's photos from Costume College, and working non-stop on my niece's Elsa dress, I discovered a few thrift store finds to share with you. There are quite a few professional  photos up already, if you want to check them out they are here: The Shotwell Collection. I'm waiting until I see all the shots of me before I decide which ones to buy.

My first priority is the Elsa dress, but my next event is The Gatsby Summer Afternoon,  which is put on by The Art Deco Society of California. Gosh, I'm all kinds of linky today. I found these two items at the thrift store, which I will bibbity bobbity boo into either a 20's or 30's picnic dress. They are both very tiny, so it might take a little more bibbity than bobbity to make this happen, if you know what I mean. You do? That's good, because I'm not entirely sure. There's this cute little ruffled skirt.
It's poly crepe, but it feels like rayon to me and that's up close. I'll be taking those ruffles apart since the skirt is, like, a size 0. $3.50
I also found this dress. Also teeny tiny. It has no label in it. I think it's silk, but it may be rayon. It looks right and feels right though, so it should pass muster.
Sooo small. $5.00
I'll be Frankensteining those things together, maybe over a slip. They are both see through, so a slip will be involved one way or another.

I've decided I need to own all the shiny things. I found this beauty. I wish I could photograph it better because it is really well made.
This was $10. A fortune!
Well, that doesn't tell us much more does it?

 I bought it originally because I thought I could use it to take apart for a 20's dress or something. You know what though? What Tracey? I'm thinking I want to start being more fabulous. More stylie. Maybe even stylish. I love all the shiny things. If I took the shoulder pads out and paired it with something rougher; like a leather jacket or a wool skirt, that could be really cool I think. I may just start collecting these things. It'll be my jam.

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