Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Costume College Friday Blur

Friday. Friday? Friday......? Friday at Costume College kind of went by in a blur. Let's see. We woke up at the crack of 6:30. (we did this every day, not even on purpose) The L.A. sunshine sweetly singing to us like little birds. This is a good thing, since we had so much to do. Well, I actually had very little to do, since I'd cancelled my tour to FIDM. I thought I would end up taking more classes or work on my Gala dress or something. I didn't really end up doing that.

We did make it down to the Freshman Orientation at 9:00am. Poor Elizabeth, who was giving us the orientation had very little sleep. She managed to be funny and informative at the same time anyway. Here's a "proof of being awake" selfie courtesy of Tanya.
I'm becoming very aware of the fact that there are very few costume pictures on here. I am the worst blogger ever. I don't even own a camera. Thank goodness for other people.

Ah, I also managed to take in an 18th century hair demonstration from Kendra from DeMode Couture . I think that was Friday. Note to self, "blog right after you get back from an event. You are a flibbertygibbet" She wrote and amazing book on styling your own hair or a wig in 18th century style. There are definitely tips in there for working with wigs and hairpieces from any time period.
Buy the book here
Then what happened? I spent a bunch of time in my hotel room watching tv and sewing my gala dress. This was necessary as it was becoming increasingly obvious that it was not going to be finished in time. Then Melissa and Tanya came and rescued me with early entry tickets to the amazing marketplace that was set up in the hotel. I fell in love with one stall in particular.Acme Notions.
So many cool vintage bits and bobs. I think I went back about six time
Then all of a sudden it was time for the Ice Cream Social! Time she does fly. I had my beaded flapper dress made from an eighties dress to wear and at the marketplace I found old fashioned Roll Garters. These are basically just giant hair ties that hold your your stockings up without having to wear a garter belt. There's a really great explanation of what that was for on the Vintage Dancer site. I also scored a cute pink flask which I tucked in my garter.

The flask looks just like this.
You can get your own on eBay
Somehow we manged to be late. Poor Melissa was still sewing sequins on her dress, so Tanya and I went down to check it out. She looked AMAZING. She will no doubt have fabulous photos on her own blog, Sewing with the Benevolent Devil. By the time we got there, the ice cream was all gone, so we did the logical thing and skipped out to the bar.

Yes we snuck out of the Ice Cream Social for cocktails. What?
But, thank goodness and Geri Rex, I have at least one picture of what I wore.
I'm pretty sure Tanya took this picture.
A bunch of us (see previous post of all kinds of ladies around a big table) had some dinner and I'm pretty sure that's all we did. It's fuzzy though.

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  1. I am horrible about remembering to blog right after the fact. I've gotten slightly better by making it part of my bedtime routine to transfer photos/charge my camera every night. It helps, a bit. Then I can start a draft of a blog post and stick a couple of photos and a few notes in there. That way, I don't have to have time right NOW to write up a proper post, but I can at least have one started so that days later, when I'm bored, it's easier to finish it up. Am starting to do that with finished project posts, too.

    Also, I LOVE that dress that you wore to the social. I'd have never guessed it's previous life.