Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrift Store Thursday May 22 2014

I couldn't stop thinking about all the vintage patterns I left behind at the thrift store. I already sold two of them, so I think that qualifies as a good investment. Here's what I picked up this go round.
Extra Carefree! McCalls 3875, 1973
Simplicity 8500, 1960's
Simplicity 6276, 1965, w/4 blouse options that don't fit me
Simplicity 8503, 1969, Reversible! You guys!!!!
McCalls 8247, 1966, your whole work wardrobe, until you marry Mr.Draper
Simplicity 5664, 1964, aaah for petites 5'1" and under. I'm beginning to understand
simplicity 5701, 1964, One for Betty, One for Jane, and one for Joan if she totally lost her boobs
Simplicity 2831, 1960's, For when all your coworkers are pregnant and you're not


  1. A lovely group of patterns! I got a big kick out of that last one. :-)

    1. It really appeals to me for some reason.

  2. What fun! I love finding vintage patterns at thrift stores...Once at a local one, I snagged a bunch 1950s patterns and they were so fun to study! Yeah for you!

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