Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thriftless Thursday

Thrifting was a bit of a bust this week. I have so many project plates spinning, that I'm too distracted to focus on any of them. So, in lieu of giving you Thrift Shop Thursday, I will give you a little throwback. This was a a distressed bridesmaid's dress I made for a friend is a steampunk wedding. Based on the photo's she showed me, I went less Victorian and more generally distressed.Here are some thrift finds, and what I made them into.
Vaguely corsety seamed corset top
I fogot to take a picure of the jacket before dismantling it, but this was a cotton jacket with lots of cool piping
I handsewed the cotton jacket pieces to emphasize the seams
I really liked the serged rosettes on this tshirt top

I distressed and hand sewed a whole slew of different fabrics from thrifted garments into a tutu
Flowers made from petals that I made from melting acetate over a flame
I did add some little steampunky hardware pieces to the flowers but you can't really see them
Side, duh

Front finished

My favorite part, the back
100% Thrifted and one of the most enjoyable projects I've done.

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