Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guess which one is me?

Sorry, I've been so lax in my updating. I just got back from a trip to the exotic far East of Plaistow, NH, Haverhill, MA and Newburyport, MA. There's a wonderful antique flea market in Newburyport, called Oldies Marketplace.
Oldies Marketplace
You can get all kinds of amazing old stuff there. New England being the mecca of all things Olde. I didn't pick up much because I had to fly back, but I saw these young ladies in a box and I couldn't bear to leave them there.
I'm totally the one on the left
On the back it says, "W.Fondreau, Peabody, Massachusetts. That would be the photographer, but no clue who these young ladies are. Also, what is that on the floor? Whatever it is, it's even more unhappy than they are.

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