Saturday, November 8, 2014

Does this crown make my ruffles look fat

So...true story. I only got a few pictures of my costume. I know that's a shocker, so you might want to sit down for that. On Saturday night I got all dolled up and went to see my daughter's band play. (The Inciters, check them out. )Turns out the only other people in costume were in the band. It's okay, I won ALL the prizes. My daughter took a few quick shots before the band went on.
Any excuse to wear a crown.

I never ended up putting the sleeves on the bolero, but I think it worked for this Esmeralda, Queen of the Gypsies costume.
Behold the ruffles of despair
I literally spent 80% of my time on this costume on the part that can only be seen if I lift my skirt up over my head. Good thing I drink.