Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Edwardian Ball San Francisco 2015

It is virtually impossible to describe the Edwardian Ball. Based on the work of Edward Gorey. Known for his macabre line drawings and books. He was the original Goth. To find out more about his work, check out

It's not really a ball, so much as a sideshow, circus, theater, art, music, costume, extraveganza. I can't do it justice. Check out their Gallery for photo's and videos of the actual event.

Freed from the contraints of historical accuracy, I was able to gather together some previously constructed gowns I had made and throw all the brothel drapes at them. There is a professional cameraman both nights. The lines are looooooong, but they serve booze in line. This is something that would improve all lines if you ask me. Just imagine how much more pleasant the DMV would be.

Of course the drinks are very expensive, $14 to $16 dollars a piece. Hence the invention of crotch vodka. It's a thing. No I don't want to talk about it. I'll tell you later. No really, we'll talk about it later. Who knows who's watching.

Enough talk. Pictures.


Sort of a Poiret inspired Post Edwardian Look
You know if Poiret shopped at Ross
Channeling my inner Roma. (which may be true, I'll let you know when my DNA test gets back)
My Lovelies
Saturday Night.
Channeling my inner Edwardian, long in the tooth streetwalker. Mutton dressed as peacock.
Name your pleasure Guvna. 

Yes. I have found my people. Can't wait to move closer to them and all the wacky decadence that San Francisco has to offer.


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