Thursday, December 11, 2014

Proof of Life post

HI! I'm here! I have been making stuff and have some mighty big life plans. So this random blog post promises to be ALL OVER THE PLACE. Are ya' ready?

1. I went to the eye doctor for the first time in a long time because my insurance pays for new lenses and frames every two years. I got home and found my old glasses and sure enough I had picked out the exact same frames. Le Sigh. I almost never wear them.
Although they might be my daughters.
2. I'm leaving my job! Don't ask why I didn't lead with that. I told you this was going to be random. Because I reached the ripe age of 50 (1), I can take early retirement from my job and take my pension. I take a big hit on taxes and stuff because I'm doing it early, but I kind of enjoy this fashion/sewing thing and would like to give it a try fer reals.
Like Noonish is good
3. So rather than do the above, I've decided to go back to school! I'm finally going to take those fashion design courses I've always wanted. Time to learn pattern drafting and draping and do this thing!
Figure out how to mix modern fashion with my love of historical costuming

4. For the first time in forever, my daughter and I will live apart. It's time.
We've always been this
But getting closer to this
5. So off I go, leaving work in February and starting school in August. Maybe an adventure of two in between.

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