Thursday, July 10, 2014

Switching Gears

It seems to be the time of year for "sorry, I haven't blogged for so long, but I was doing stuff". I will echo that sentiment. I just got back from the High Sierra Music Festival. Four days of music, camping, and general merriment with good friends. There are definitely costumes involved. Not quite at the Burning Man level, but lots of glitter and facepaint. Very very fun, but also filthy. So much dust everywhere, so I don't bring my fancy costumes. I definitely dress differently from every day. Both more colorful and less covered up. It's HOT.

So here is a picture of me 'doing stuff'
Being me is hard.
I made a new friend
This is a rescued jay. She ended up hanging out on my shoulder and sleeping.
Sometimes physical labor was involved
Someone's got to get the ice. Don't worry, I got my turn in the cart with the megaphone
Our motto "Camp Humble, we're the best!"
We're all wearing t-shirts with pictures of our own faces.
Oh yeah, there was also music! For a view of the full lineup click here. I'm not going to lie to you, I saw maybe four or five of the bands. I was really busy making friends with wildlife. Also birds.

So in three weeks, it's silk taffeta and corsets. No vat of buttermilk is going to make this complexion peaches and cream. Time to flip gears for Costume College!

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