Friday, July 25, 2014

Back Pain, Schmack Pain

In an incredible case of bad timing, my sporadically spasmodic back has decided to mess with me when I only have three sewing days left before Costume College. NOT OKAY. I only ask that my back stops freaking out in time for CoCo, but even if I have to hand sew that b*tch flat on my back, I WILL finish my gala dress.

In other random CoCo creation news. Here's some stuff. There are several events happening at Costume College that I need costumes for.

Event #1. The Pool Party. This is a Tiki Party theme. I was going to make a 50's style bra top and sarong skirt to wear. Using this pattern. Guess what happened.
Clue: My boobs are bigger than hers that's what happened. It looks terrible.
So, with so little time left, I'm going to have to kind of throw this one together.
I did find these cute red Candie's style mules.
I also have a cute retro cherry print bathing suit from Pinup Girl Clothing that I wore for my 50th birthday party. If I throw on a wiggle skirt and those shoes, I can call that done.
I just feel a tad badly about that, because they are announcing the scholarship winners then and I don't want anyone to think "oh, she sure did earn that scholarship with that turbee twist get up"

Event #2. An unofficial shared birthday party with a 70's theme. Again, no time to make anything, so I think I'm just going to take a page from my girl Rhoda Morgenstern's playbook and make it all about a scarf. I also have a black halter, bellbottom jumsuit I can wear with this.
I wanted to grow up to BE Rhoda
Event #3 The Ice Cream Social. Club Ice. I did a remake on this one. My daughter had a 1980's sequined dress. I removed the shoulder pads and sleeves to make it more of a 20's vibe. I need to make a headpiece of some sort and maybe re-attach the sleeves to the dress, but at this point I don't know if I'll have the time.
Why, yes, I did vote for Ronald Reagan. Why>
Why yes, I did vote for Franklin Roosevelt. Why?
Event #4: Sunday Ascot Tea. I will probably go with my Asilomar get up. I've already embellished the skirt a little more.
Only I'll remember my Corset this time.
I'll add my Mae West hat, maybe with more stuff on it.
Come up and see me sometime
I also bought a really nice wool, Lord and Taylor jacket at the thrift store for $2.50. I may try to re-do that to be more Edwardian.
It has some nice soutache and frog details.
And of course, Event #5: The Time Traveler's Gala.I've already added some embellishment and I'll love to do a lot more. It is all up to my back at this point.
Finish me!
This is my first Costume College, so I don't really expect to live up the really experienced costumers I follow on blogs, but I don't want to look like a complete rookie. Since I won a scholarship, I would at least like a few people to think, "That kid has moxie, she could go far". You know, as you do.

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