Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finally Elsa

I was super lame about taking pictures of the Elsa dress I made for my niece. She's in the UK, so I didn't get to fit it on her, so I put grommets in the back for her to lace up. Someday, when I'm a grown-up blogger, I will take many photos of my work in progress. Since I didn't do that, I'm just going to hope you are satisfied with how lovely she looks in it.
So Lovely. Each and every sequin and rhinestone is sewn on individually.

 Here's a full length shot she took before she got herself all done up with hair and makeup.
Still so so pretty

The cape got very wrinkled in the mail, but you can kind of see the icelike trim.

The trim I used on the cape was really neat. It's silver and very ethereal. It really looks like frost, even close up.

I'm over my head in ruffles for my can-can skirt these days. I don't have a ruffler, so I've been using the gathering foot on my machine. I need FOURTY yards of finished ruffles. FOURTY!!! I literally sewed for an entire day, well into the evening this weekend and ended up with twenty. Aaargh. I love the way ruffles look, but they are making my life miserable. (Boy will they be cool though)

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  1. Oh your niece looks so beautiful in her Elsa dress! Well, she looks lovely because she is lovely, so maybe I should say the dress looks lovely on her! Anyway, job very well done on the costume!!
    I can't wait to see your Can Can dress!