Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2014

As usual, I am dependent on the kindness of other's for photos. Bad blogger. I love to HAVE pictures, I just hate taking them. Where's my publicist? All the photographs in this post were taken by Tanya Grigg.
The hat I made ages ago. It's completely sewn together. No hot glue here!
I think the secret to having a good photo taken is to have the photographer really like you. It just makes things so natural and unposed. The dress came together nicely at the last minute.
My hair is a fright. It was just too hot to wear the hat the whole time
Here's a photo from the back with one of the antique cars on display. One of the lovely things about the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, is that everyone makes a real effort not to have any anachronisms. So as you look around you, you really are transported back in time.
We were all a little more "relaxed ' in this photo if you know what I mean. Booze, I mean booze.
Tanya, Carol and Alana did a wonderful job of setting up our spot. It was a good thing because getting in and out of the picnic was a bit of a clusterfrack. The gentleman in the vest above took very good care of us. Without him we would have been in the parking lot forever.
Just a bit of our fantastic spread, also Melissa. Shhh. Don't tell her she's in the picture.

Ken, completely in his element

Carol, Melissa, Ian and Alana in front of the Dunsmuir House in Oakland.
Our lovely photographer, Tanya, on the other side of the camera for once.
Even though the twenties is not necessarily my favorite time period in terms of how the fashion flatters my figure. I do appreciate the opulance and elegance of the time. Until, you know, Dust Bowl, Prohibition and Depression and all that. Still its a lovely fantasy and that's what all this is about.


  1. Oh my but that Ken always looks fabulous doesn't he? I love your hat and your flowing dress! The color is very soft and beautiful! The food looks so beyond delish!!! What a fun time you must have had!! Yay for Gatsby picnics!!!

  2. Oooh! You guys look so fabulous. What a wonderful outing. I am way jealous.