Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Lost Weekend or How I survived a Pig Roast and and Oscars Party

Every year, I throw an Oscars party. Every year I make something original to wear. Oh Boy. What a weekend. I had intended to finish my 18th century stays, and use them as the top for some kind of Balenciaga type gown. However, I barely got them bound, never did get the straps done and, I don't care what kind of circus performer you are, those back closing stays are NOT going on without help. They didn't look anything like a Balenciaga dress top, so I scratched it.
This didn't happen
So, instead, I went to a rocking pig roast of a party if memorial for a very good hard living friend. I just tributed the everlovin' heck out of him. So I woke up Sunday morning, the morning of my party, in my clothes, to the dulcet tones of my lovely boyfriend and daughter cleaning my whole house so I could sleep it off. I am keeping both of them.

So rather than make something new, I hauled out my 1920's pub crawl dress, and won one of my own trophies.
Ken and I holding out trophies
My friend Carrie and actually gave me the idea, when she showed up with a Gatsby outfit. No I did not get dressed until an hour after my own party started. He we are. She is holding her best dressed female trophy
You can see better close-ups of the troll dolls in this Troll Post

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