Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Corset Photos

I'm almost done with the corset. Just some fiddly bits left. I had a few issues. First of all, since I've lost a bunch of weight, the corset was too big. I thought it was fine when I did the fitting, but I think I picked a larger bust size than I needed. I don't think my brain has actually caught up with me. I did a kind of ad hoc fix, and just took it in an inch on each back side. It'll work, I'll know better next time.
I did do another row of topstitching so it looks a bit more like another boning channel
Also, the inside was really ugly. If I was using a machine, I think that just using the two layers of coutil for the boning channels would have looked okay, but since I used backstitching, it just looked ugly.
So, I decided to cover it up and I used some cotton fabric and just whipstitched them on.
The outside isn't great either because the thread I used to sew the pieces together was too dark and shows through in some places. But since the whole thing will be under my clothes, I'm not altogether unhappy with it. My stitches aren't superduper neat, but I don't look like a monkey did it either.
By the way. Handsewing the corset the way I did it is not very fun

Okay, I swear by tomorrow, I'll have finished corset pictures.

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